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Preprint your manuscript while it is under review with the IET

Selected IET journals (see below for the full list) are now pleased to offer authors free access to the Under Review preprint service, designed to streamline the early sharing of research and open up the peer review process. You can opt to preprint your manuscript during the submission process and showcase your work to the global research community before it is accepted or published.

The Under Review service is powered by Authorea, an open research platform for all your research output. Preprints on Authorea can contain datasets, code, figures, interactive visualizations and computational notebooks.



  • Seamless integration with the submission process of the IET portfolio: Preprint at the same time as you submit your research for publication.

  • Track the peer review process openly in real time.

  • Immediately make your work citable, discoverable and shareable, and indicate which journal is considering it for publication.

  • Authorea allows for rapid dissemination of your findings: Get additional community feedback that can be used to improve your manuscript and increase your chances of getting published.


How it works

  • Preprint posting on Authorea through Under Review is free and optional.
  • Preprints posted on Authorea receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that can be used in citations and links and are a permanent part of the scholarly record. DOIs from Authorea are minted by Crossref and follow a specific format for preprints that enables them to be linked to the final article, once published in a journal.

  • Preprints will be posted after they pass initial submission checks, but prior to peer review. Posting a preprint on Authorea does not influence the peer review process for your manuscript submission at the journal in any way.

  • If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the preprint will automatically move into a journal-branded collection, part of the larger IET Open Research collection.

  • Authorea supports the direct transfer of manuscripts, making the process to submit (or resubmit) your work for peer review simpler. If your manuscript is rejected by a journal, you can resubmit to any other title and cite the DOI of your preprint. Your preprint will remain on Authorea, where it can be discovered and cited, but all information related to the original journal, such as the peer review timeline, will be removed.


IET Journals offering this service